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The first step towards resolving any challenge is acknowledging that it exists. That’s a very difficult step when it comes to mental health difficulties. If you’re on this page, then you deserve a lot of credit, as you’ve already taken that step. At this point, you need to decide to keep going in order to find out what your options are regarding your current situation.

This is a much easier step than the first, as all you need to do is contact our team of Idaho mental health professionals. We are here and ready to listen to whatever it is you have to say. Trust us: We’ve heard it all, so please do not hesitate to reach out. Whatever is happening with you or a loved one, we can help.

When you speak to us, that conversation will be all about learning as much about you and your difficulties as possible. In other words, we are going to do a lot of listening. The more information we have, the better, as this will allow us to recommend the best next steps for you and your family.

If a stay with us is the best option, we will even speak directly to your insurance company to determine coverage before you make any commitments. That’s true whether your insurance carrier is one for which we are an in-network Idaho mental health help provider or it’s one that we work with on an out-of-network basis. If another resource would be most helpful to you, then we will provide you with that information in hopes that you’ll make use of it.

However, it all starts with that conversation. Please contact us at any time. We’re ready to listen and then act with you to help you finally deal with these troubles.

OUR mental health treatment LOCATION IN IDAHO

Idaho Falls

Relaxing, Discrete Residential Help

1786 S Castelli Drive
Ammon, ID 83406

SoCal Empowered of Idaho’s flagship location, in Idaho Falls/Ammon, features a quiet setting in a residential neighborhood. Here, you’ll enjoy in-person treatment, seclusion and a safe and respectful environment so that you can focus on your mission, which is getting better.



Our unique Idaho mental health treatment facility is personalized for each individual we have the honor of helping. Our goal is to equip you or your loved one with the best combination of medication and therapeutic intervention to provide you with the best opportunity for success after you reenter your life.

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We Are Committed to your Long Term Success

Wondering if in-patient mental health treatment is the right option for you? Give one of our caring professionals a call today to discuss your treatment options!

 At SoCal Empowered of Idaho, we focus on meeting each individual where they stand in life. We’re a family run facility, and that approach comes through with everything that we do. We are proud to provide those who stay with us an entire team of industry-leading mental health professionals. We base our treatment approach on the most up-to-date information and best practices.

We provide 24-hour support to ensure you not only get through this difficult time, but thrive. Our licensed team of mental health experts are here for you as you begin the journey toward personal growth and healing.

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